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  HS-KT-102 Pocket Smoke Protective Mask (Mascarilla protectiva en bolsillo contra humo)
This mask uses DuPont kapton material ( UL listed)
It's thermal protection can be up to 450℃
Designed for flame resistance and easy store in pocket
The five layers filter inside with active fiber protects against toxic gases (including CO, CO2, SO2, HCL, HS, HCN, Formaldehyde, Benzol, Acrylic Acid. Ammonia), fatal smoke and provide fresh air for survivals during escape
HS-PE-005 PVC Smoke Isolation Hood(Capucha de PVC para aislar humo)
Material: PP
Size: 550mm(w)x880mm(l)x0.05mm(h)
Thermal protection can be up to 120℃
Can escape safely from the tenth floor high building through heavy smoke area
  HS-NM-096 Fire Escape Poncho (Poncho de escape de fuego)
Dupont's Nomex SL E-89 blended with Kevlar material
Temperature hold up to 550℃ flashfire up to 1000℃
Passed the flame tests of A1 & A4 of ROC's Bureau of Inspection & Quarantine, in accordance with China National Standard (CNS) 10285 regulations
The poncho design of easy donning/doffing helps victims move and catch the escaping chance in the first critical 10 seconds
Designed also for rain & thermal protection
  HS-OF-345 Fire Retarded Napkin (manta de anti-fuego )
The product is made of flame resistance oxygenied carbon fiber and its edge is bounded with DuPont's Nomex ⅢA
The product has passed CNS 10285 method A-1 & A-4 flame tests
Temperature hold up to 550℃ & flashfire up to 1000℃
The product is designed for retarding the beginning fire or as a escape blanket
Households (kitchens, living rooms), Labs, Companies, Public sited (ktv, pub, restaurants), Hospitals,
  HS-HP-802 CO Protective Mask (Heavy Duty)
Hardened goggles & face-mask are joint together for easy wearing and fire/chemical protection
With 2 pieces of cartridges for better inhalation and lasting and a carrying bag
With complex contents, filtering, absorbing, oxidizing functions work together against the toxic gas: CO, NH3, H2S, SO2, HCN, HBR, C2H4...
Tested and certified by ITRI of ROC
Provides 20-40 minutes of breathing capacity
  HS-TA-590 Personal Purse Alarm (Alarma personal para bolsa)
Use the key ring to fix the alarm in handbag or purse and clip the rip cord on belt loop, 110dB alarm is activeated by pulling the ripcord, which removes a
plastic plug from it socket, until the plug is replaced in its socket
Siren output:110db
Operated with two batteries
Color: black, white, yellow, orange
  HS-TG-508 Personal Spray (Spray personal)
Contents: 3% capsicum, 3% mustard, 94% HPC R-134A, non-toxic, non-pollution, inflammable air with pressure
‧In emergency, push the red spurring head against intruders' face, the intruders sill suffer with serious physical stimulus
The red button safety design avoids mistouching
Weight: 25G
Key chain enclosed for easy carrying
  HS-SL-030 Neon Light Stick (Barra de luz de neon)
4 Hours of hi-intensity safety lights, another 4 hours of
low visibility (total 8 hours or above)
Inflammable, noncorrosive, emits 360。of light, requires
no batteries, extra long shelf life

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