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  Iso Safe MP (LMB System) Camara & cuarto portable de emergencia para aislar enfermos.
A Twin filtration system is designed for safeguard the continuing negative airflow for the patient inside the Iso-Safe MP and the HCWs in the time to replace the filter without interruption of the air and safeguard against any mul-function of any unit of Puriclear
With a proper air balance pressure system that can transform a space to an airborne Isolation area in munites by creating a cubic air-lock which prevent the infectious diseases leak out from the Iso-Safe MP. The HEPA filter can purify the air from inside the room (99.97%) and release clear air to outside (hospital corridor is 80% efficiency)to protect for the othe HCWs
  Purclair 100:
HEPA Filter
Dimensions: 560mm(L) X 270mm(dia. ) x63.3 (bottom to center)
Voltage: 110
HZ: 50/60
Airflow:100 CFM
  Iso-Bag-SP (LMB System)
a. Size: 210cm×60cm×60cm(±5%)
b. Function & Strength:
(1). Waterproof zipper ensures sealed completely.
(2). The transparent material to recognize easily.
(3). Enclosed efficient purification
(HEPA),efficiency more than 99.97%.
(4). Sustain the negative pressure of chamber, more than 30 pa, by air frame
(double supports on the head and tail).
(5). Iso-Bag-SP includes 6 gloves to operate easily.
(6). The belt attached on the bottom of Iso-Safe-SP can fix in the sickbed or back of the bed board.
(7). Weight : less than 6 kg.
Foldable stretcher
Material: Stainless Steel + Canvas
Fabric Color: Customized available
  RI-L1051 Thermal Reflective Emergency Blanket
Our high-efficiency thermal blanket reflects up to 90% of body heat.
It unfolds to a generous 84" x 52" from a sealed packet measuring only 4.25" x 4.25" x .5" and weighing under 2 oz.
Blanket, 100% Polyester
Warm and durable, our 100% Polyester blanket is an economical choice for shelters.

Blanket, 70% Wool
RI-L1013 Our 70% wool-Polyester blend blanket is our heaviest, designed for the coldest weather. Measures a generous 60" x 90".

Blanket, 30% Wool
RI-L1011 The 30% Wool-Polyester blend blanket is heavier than 100% Polyester and is ideal for cooler climates.

  RI-L4010C Cot Pillows (Case of 50)
This pillow is specifically designed for Shelters, Push Pacs, EOC's, Mass Casualty and Stocking Trailersplus, it's an ideal complement to any of our cots. Made from lightweight, hypo-allergenic brushed finish polyester over PVC, it's inflatable, adjustable, disposable pillow - and very, very economical. Just compare to any traditional pillow design. This cot pillow folds flat or can be rolled into almost any size so it takes up very little space. Users can easily inflate and deflate to desired firmness.

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