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Lightweight helmet mounted flip-up welding screen
SM901w/c WH771
RI-4770: Flip-front lens 2" x 4-1/4"meets ANSI Z87.1 CE EN175 approval
RI-4771 fixed front

Will fit most standard safety helmets with 30mm slot
When fitted will protect the wearers face and ears due to the wrap around design.
Can be used in a variety of work situations.
This welding helmet cannot be used independently. Must be used in conjunction with safety helmet.
#C17/C18 connector facilitates fit to the safety helmet.
  SM906 w/c EP167
safety helmet : RI-8100 / RI-8200 / RI-8400 / RI-8600, Please refer P.
Ear mnff : RI-6167 / RI-6168/RI-6187 w/connector, Please refer P.
  Combination head protectors for head, eyes, face, hearing
Includes safety helmet, earmuff, faceshield holder and visor.
Suitable for various industries:
Metal-cutting operation, spray painting carpentry, house remodified and decoration, petroleum industry, chemical engineering, agriculture, grinding processing electric welding, iron and steel industry etc.
Items below as per reguest can be combined :
Safety helmet : RI-8100 / RI-8200 / RI-8400 / RI-8600,Please refer P.

A. ISafety helmet : RI-8100 / RI-8200 / RI-8400 / RI-8600, Please refer P.
B. Face shield holder : RI-4867, connectors for optional
VISOR : Please refer
The different structure (design) of adaptor C17/C07 & C18/C08 can snap on the safety helmet from the catalogue or others, to connect with ear muff, faceshield as a combination helmet protector
Practical and easy to use.
Will protect the face at all times when worn correctly.
Can be combined with many other PPE products dependant on application.
DP85Rc/wEP106c/wVM85S DP87Rc/wEP101c/wVM85S DP89Rc/wEP104c/wVM85M P81Rc/wEP103c/wVC81S

  Face & hearing protection combinations :
Earmuffs, Browguard & Visors
Provide face and ear protection with lightweight and comfortable design.
Suitable for the orticulture,carpentry, grinding, metal-cutting operation & variousenvironment of agriculture, industrial & D.I.Y.
Various combinations are available.


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